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Big time skunk buster


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Hey all:
Welp, its been a month and a half in skunksville for dad and I so we decided to go out and try our luck today.

We went up pizza nug wash since we have not gotten back in there since the monsoons of last year.

This was is LOADED with ironstone and black sand. It even gives the 5000 a hard time. Dads VLF is just about worthless in this wash.

So, we hick back in and he goes up a trib and I go up one.

All im digging is ironstone. And then some more iron stone...

Get a signal and im going to dig some more iron stone.....I just know it. Well, lo and behold I get this 1.7 gram nug about 8 inches down.

Sweet! Slow down....detect up and down..on the banks...finish out the trib and theres no more.

Meet up with dad in the main wash and we did some digging and detecting. We quickly decided its a lot more fun to watch Wade dig then to actually do it. :)
Dad suggest to go farther up the main wash to a spot we got a sting of nugs out of.

Im not feeling it but decided to go up. :hiker:

Above the area that had a sting of nugs im detecting and I get a reverse signal. Hmm thats odd. I dont usually get much trash out of this wash. I dig down about a foot and its getting into the hardpack dirt and rock. Chipping away at it and digging and digging. Honestly...I was just about ready to give up on it cuz im tired and wet now. Cant hardly hold the pick....well, I get it out of the hole.

Its loud and still reverse, but a mellow reverse.

This one was about 18 inches deep.

Get the spoon down to just a bit of dirt and few rocks. I dont see any sheetmetal or iron. Hmmmm.

Then I see it! A faint glint in a piece of dirty rock. NO...I think, get some water and spit it on it and the yellow starts showing through. YEEHA!! :wee:

Big ol hunk of gold :)
The big one weights .540 oz...with ironstone

The ironstone is just a layer on either side and the gold does go through the middle.

Great day out and the good Lord blessed us with some REALLY nice gold!




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We know quartz and gold = a specimen

What does ironstone and gold = ??

Nice character and someone will have some good memories associated with that one! Thanks for sharing the story.


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WOW! That is the way to kick the skunk off your back. Congrats! :thumbsupanim

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