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I spent a great weekend with some good friends at the Q, and saw some nice gold.

Rex Goliath showed up with one of his STAINLESS STEEL BBQ'S that he makes, and whipped up some wonderful beef ribs that just fell off the bone. He also had some of his great chicken for the next night, but I had to leave before having any.

Some pretty gold was found by Shep, Frank C, and Rex found his very first nugget !! I didn't have any luck finding gold, but as usual, sharing time with good friends made up for it.


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PICTURES!!!!! :)
WTG you guys.
Wish I could have been there but it was too close to the outing and I have this dern thing

called work getting in the way.

Tom H.

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The Q is treating you guys good.

Dang ... I missed Rex and the rest of you. Rex was with me when I found my first nugget at The Dale. Congratulations!

He does make a good cooker.

I'll get back out there soon. I should have bought that 4Runner today.


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Just saw this thread. Yes food was excellent as usual. As was comraderie!

Pictures?? Got to tell you mine was the ugliest 1/4 oz'r I've ever found. It has a wart or pimple on it that won't go away (even w/ Whisk)


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What did you do Shep, Pee on it?

But I disagree, it was a beautiful piece of gold.

I missed out on the filets Teri brought, but the green thingy's Shep cooked were great.

Till the next time my friends,

Patrick .....

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