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Something I've noticed that some people do, is dig with their nozzle.

It wears out the taper of the nozzle and you get a lot of clogs in your line.

(...and mysterious little metal flakes in you pan.)

Use a rock pick to loosen material.

Drag the nozzle backwards across, and preferably above, the material instead of shoving it into the gravels.

My pard, last year, couldn't get it through his head and kept cloggin' the line and nozzle.

I hate tryin' to teach those with selective deafness.

There is a proper and effective/efficiant way to use any tool.

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A blaster nozzel is 10 X faster as it melts that thick mud,tears up cemented gravels and blasts them cracks and crevice clean as a whistle as it tears it up. If you ain't a blastn' your just a piddln' and a didln' and losing gold to them nasty clay balls as they roll on through your box-John

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Lol, this reminds me of when I went dry washing with a guy I met at an rv park I was living in. I was digging and he was supposed to keep the classifier swept off and ready for the next shovel. You know how those little rocks get wedged in the classifier? Well he must've been OCD or something because those drove him nuts and he was trying to pry every rock out of the classifier between each shovel I threw. Some of those rocks had been stuck in there for months and I just don't worry about five or six rocks stuck in the classifier. You can beat and pry on them all day and they won't move, just run like normal and they'll eventually work there way out. My partner wasn't having it, a couple times I looked over and saw him just wailing away and smacking the hell out of the classifier, trying to knock loose one or two rocks, while I'm standing there holding a full shovel waiting for him to quit beating on the thing so I can put more dirt into the drywasher. I tried to explain it to him but I guess those rocks drove him crazy.

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