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Introduction and a couple questions

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Hello, my name is Anthony and I've been lurking these forums for a few months now. I want to thank you guys in advanced for any replies. i'm an Arizona native and new to the gold shooting/ rock hunting scene. I am an avid hunter/putdoorsman so I think walking the desert and not finding anything but a sunburn is right up my alley ;) I'm not looking to be the next Tony Beets or anything I just would like to have slightly more than an educated guess at finding some gold/mineral specimens. With that being said I do not have a metal detector, but it may be in the works with my tax return. I am looking for clubs that have access to claims with minerals as well. Maybe some Amethyst, Azurite, Malachite, Pyrite, who knows what else.

What club here in Arizona would best serve my interest in rock hounding and gold shooting?

When is the next camp out or event where I could come out into the field and maybe listen to someone detect and get a feel for what I'm listening for?

Also, what coil would be best for a gb2 for a first timer, 6 or 10?



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Welcome Anthony,

Many of the members live and hunt Arizona, I am sure someone will answer these questions for you very soon. Get the 10" coil if you have to choose ..this size is a great all around coil. The 6 " elliptical is great for trash areas and searching shallow bedrock. Good Luck with your hunting.....

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Roadrunner Prospecting Club definitely have the most claims in Arizona. There are other clubs that tend to have claims in certain geographic areas.


As for your coil selection, I would say both of them...But you will probably be using the 6" the most. They both have their applications.

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I used the 10" when I first got my GB2, haven't used it since I got he 6" and have a 14" for sale for those looking for space rocks. Open spaces I would use the 10", around rocks and creekbeds, 6" is king.

Remember to continually ground balance, key to success.

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Hi Anthony and welcome!

GPAP (Phoenix chapter of GPAA) is meeting tonight at the Italian American Club, 7509 N 12th St, Phoenix, AZ 85020 at 7:00 pm. GPAP has a bunch of claims, is a friendly group, and a way lower cost alternative to Roadrunners. A few months back they gave out a list of volunteers to mentor newbies. The meetings themselves can be very informative -- it's different every time.

I've found that joining the clubs does not mean you will get help finding gold, you have to seek out people to help you.

Best of luck!


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The GB2 is VERY EASY to operate. Just takes a few minutes to learn how to ground balance it. (how hard is it to pump it up and down and turn a knob at the same time anyhow?) Nothing else really needs adjusting.

Have someone show you how to ground balance so you can find those nuggets!

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For over a year my Gold Bug II wouldn't work. Dozens of trips, and couldn't find anything :grr01: Almost threw it off a dry waterfall before I found out that it takes 2 - 9 volt batteries. Now I find stuff all the time :head:

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