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What do you do with the tiny "specimens" ?

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It has taking me a long time to find a decent piece of float with gold in it. Most of what I've found has just been a tiny speck or two in a big rock. I finally found one a few months ago that had a bunch of small yellow specks on it when I looked at it with the loupe. It was about the size of a golfball, I wanted to make sure I wasn't smashing any nice gold so I would break it into pieces and keep checking for specimen gold. Man that little rock had a bunch of gold in it, I just smashed it into pea sized pieces and started seeing a few nice pieces. I was thinking of a way to display these so they could be sold, they aren't much to look at without a loupe. I was wanting to mount it in a clear plastic box with a zoom lens or two on the boxes sides so you can just look through the lens at the gold. It seems like that would be a better way to present it to a customer. The only thing I could find was "bug boxes" and they are only 4x magnification. Does anyone know if there is a magnifying specimen box made for mounting tiny pieces of gold in? This pic was under a 20x loupe so I would need at least 20x maybe 30x for this piece to stand out. After typing this I thought some of you might read this and be laughing at my gold because it's so small, is this even a decent specimen piece or should I just smash it up and put it in the vial with the placer? It looks pretty cool stuck in the rock like that to me.


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Chris I've worked large scale and small back and forth. every once in awhile I spot somthing in the pile That I realy like and I say save it for me. size dont matter. if its a nice piece save it from the crusher, keep it. AzNuggetBob

You can always crush it later?

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Never seen anything over 4x sorry as I do my micromounts using them. If you find any better please post as tiny rocks when done right look great and SELL just fine-John

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I sell some of my gold in the 1" 3x magnified boxes. Using my stereo microscope I take two images 10 x and 30x. I provide these images to the customer so they can share the gold with friends and family on their smart phones / tablets without having the gold with them. I add some 1/4" black foam squares to the bottom of the box to accent the gold and then use some museum grade mounting clay material to hold them in place. If they are really small, some super glue works. Under the foam I have a piece of paper with information on where the gold is from (county of origin) and dimensions if larger. No weights.

Sell them for $10.00 if below .1g.

Good source for boxes and display cases. www.ukge.com

Fast service and great prices.post-25522-0-09948200-1396450955_thumb.jpost-25522-0-22016100-1396450979_thumb.jpost-25522-0-90539700-1396450998_thumb.j

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Cool thanks guys , Geo jack that's pretty much exactly what I was wanting to do but with a better magnifying lens is all. Great idea with the black padded foam too, I still wasn't sure how to 'mount' one in the display box, that foam looks like it would work good. So far all I can find is 4x bug boxes. Seems kind of weird that no one makes anything else with a better lens on it. Oh well, guess I need to find bigger gold!

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