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Just got a Detech 15x10 Mono Coil

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So I have been hearing some good news about these Detech coils made in Bulgaria from some Aussie guys. So I purchased one and took it out the other day. I am pretty impressed by how it performed on my Minelab 4500. After using Coiltek, Commander and Nuggetfinder coils for a while I had to see if these work just as well. I went to a site I have beaten to DEATH with all the coils above for months. Pretty much..my feeling is a KILLED this spot. So I took the Detech coil out to see what turns up. First it's light as its a open coil, the second these are all water proof. After auto-tune and my settings I first noticed my threshold was extremely stable and was impressed with hardly any falsing when bumped on rocks and things. I was able to scrap the ground and grass with no noticeable falsing. I managed to pick up on some trash, some of it did not even register on my digital scale. Next week I am gona take the 12.5 DD out to see how well it performs and see it's discrimination abilities. post-65703-0-48305800-1396146155_thumb.j

Overall I am very happy with this coil, I know it performed as well if not better than the others. It was more stable and appeared it was not affected by EMI...I am going to be adding more of these to my coil collection in the near future.

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