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Hydrolic Distribution Manifold

Steel Pan

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I stumbled across this pic from last year. :4chsmu1:

This is what makes it all work. :brows:

Pressurized water comes in at lower right.

Center top is the "recovery" line from 3" nozzle.

To the left of that is the 1 1/2" pressure line to 3" nozzle.

Line on left doubles as pressure line for a 2" nozzle

or as a 1" hydrolic pressure line to loosen gravels.

A 3" nozzle laying on the rocks to the right.

Open or close valves depending on what cha got goin'. :D


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This unit is merely for distribution.

I have aprox 57 psi generated by gravity in a 3" supply pipe.

The 3" supply is reduced to 1 1/2" for the last 20'.

The 1" line will "whip" if ya don't set a rock on it, turn it down, or turn it off all together. :hide:

I usually only use the 1" for hydrolicing gravels from between large rocks. :brows:

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Must have one or the other open at all times.

If I absolutly HAVE to shut it all off, I gotta close

the last valve rrrreeeaaallll slow, or else the

pressure blows the manifold off the main line.

That'll get ya all wet, real fast. :25r30wi:

Isn't there an old joke about "all I see is a monkey

tryin' to put the cork back in" ? :inocent:

( I only did it once,... :idunno: )

When using the 3", the 1" should be closed,

It's no good to have both lines open, not the volume.

I'm startin' off with 3" (for aprox 580 ft.), necking

down to 2" for the last 20' up to the manifold.

( I miss spoke in my previous post, the line in is 2 "

not 1 1/2", as previously stated. The 1 1//2" line starts

at the manifold.)

A 15' x 1 1/2" line to the 3" nozzle/jet.

Or a 15' x 1" line to the 2".

Either way, I can still use the "extra" line for a

little under water "hydrolic" mining. :brows:

Blast a while, then "reclaimate" a while, and so forth,... :4chsmu1:

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