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some recent finds and questions about personal bests


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Been hitting up the wash that helped get me over my first ounce. Digging and detecting the bedrock I have been getting about a minimum of 2 grams. Last weekend I had my best day ever with 5.2 grams and found my largest nugget to date. 3.8 grams. More than twice the size of the next biggest. I got a loaner Garrett ATX for the day and used it to find the big nugget in a place my white's GMT missed. In the bank of my hole about 8-9 inches deep. Needless to say I ended up buying it when I got back to Vegas. Thanks Desert Outfitters! Great machine, I can't believe how steady the threshold is especially compared to my vlf. Can't wait to get back out there and put some time on it, and hopefully find my first 'free range' nugget. This got me thinking about everyone's personal bests.?

Largest nugget?

Most nuggets in one day?

Deepest nugget?

Total weight for a day?

Most gold drywashed in one day?

Look forward to your answers. It will be motivation for me.




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Biggest Nugget-17DWt

Most nuggets one day-7

Deepest- around 13 inches

Total weight for one day, just a little over 2 1/2 oz's

For me dredged, not dry washed, ? I don't know, but I got 20 oz;s on the Merced River in 91 just dredging two days a week for 12 weeks. Grubstake

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Glad to see your efforts paying off- nice work.

My largest nugget is really big.

The greatest number in a day is a gob.

The deepest way way t' hell down there.

The most weight for one day was quite heavy.

Truly wish I could be more specific.

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Well if you want motivation follow me around for awhile !! You are doing fantastic.


the most in one day 3/10ths gr.

total for most of last summer and this winter 1/4oz

shoveled guestimating 20 + tons

But loved every minute of it and great exercise and great company


Fuel $ 1/4 oz of gold

new quad tires $500

drywasher $1000

Yep near as I can figure I have to punish myself and keep this up for the rest of my life :4chsmu1:

All those prayers sent out for me must have worked. cancer in my mouth is gone and spot on lung has not grown in 6 months so I am good for the get go :yesss: Hand me my shovel and show me the way :old:

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You got that right Klunker and worth a lot more than the market price. Now we need to find a spot close to Bass Lake in CA being as we will be camphosting there for the Summer.

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Best?? When it comes to poundage they're all the best. The funny part of this is the price of gold predicates wheather your 1/2 pound is worth more than a full pound due to the year found and prevailing gold prices. I've sold smaller unique specimens for 4 x the spot price and sold poundage for a discount because of size and kt. What really matter is who,what and where and did ya have a ball getting it?? Biggest single piece was back in 78 Nelson Creek,plugged up a 4" dredge in the middle of a snow storm and claim owner ripped it outta my hands and NEVER EVER got to see it again,it had quite a bit a quartz and shone light a star in that dark stormy cliffside pool.-John






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if bass lake is in southern calif. i can tell you where you might find gold. i was raised in calif. i know where there is gold on a indian res. there should be open land next to it.

Bass Lake is I believe in Madera County approx 20 miles from Yosemite, 7 miles from Oakhurst and welcome to Nuggetshooters Frank

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