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Tips for Amateur Meteorite Hunters

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:old: CBC News 03/21/2014 - Tips for amateur meteorite hunters: How to identify a meteorite and what to do if you find one

If you are hunting for a meteorite like the one thought to have fallen near St. Thomas, Ont., this week, how do you know if you've found one? And if you have, what should you do with it? Here are some tips from scientists at Western University's meteor physics group.

Full Story - http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/tips-for-amateur-meteorite-hunters-1.2582056

Western University's meteor physics group - http://meteor.uwo.ca/

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That picture is of Rob Ward at Sutter's Mill!


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I have often wondered how many I have kicked out of the way.

I all reality, chances are greatest that the number is probably 0. :D

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Too true, Mike. While meteorites can and are scattered everywhere, the odds of finding a cold find are very slim; except in certain types of terrain...

I looked for and picked up hundreds of maybe's before I found a cold-find meteorite...and that was in the wilds of Australia, thirty years after I started hoping...


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