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BLM/ Briceburg Merced River..May be able to use electric....


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So as some of you know, a few weeks back I went to Briceburg..under BLM managment and had my small recirculating sluice powered by a solar panel. My 12v pump in the water sucking precious water three feet into my sluice. A BLM ranger stopped in and advised us about mechanical devices not being allowed in the area. It appears...BLM is now discussing the possibility of allowing only electric run pumps..such as solar or battery low voltage pumps. I will be waiting to see if logic prevails.

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:ROFL: BLM :arrowheadsmiley: logic :old: and all in 1 sentence :evil1: when Belzabob comes to town-John---all they done for me there is A-blow up John J.Freemonts rock cabin(historical site) b-blew up 2 of my tunnels-c. blew up Bagby and our bloody house--d.-put hi way 49 plum through my old family claims--e.threatened to kill me a couple a times-f.blew up and bulldozed the miners camp between Briceburg and Bagby when they called us to a meeting in town they bulldozed it ALL-hahaha yes logic=none.

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Current example-There is only 1 legal claim left on the river ,I sold to Chuck D over 34 years ago. Last year he got a biologic to kill poison oak as it was taking over the claim. That area is oak LL. Anyhow Mr Ranger hikes in and tells him to desist and wanted to ticket him for hurting the enviroment with POISON. Chuck had all the approved paperwork that proved NO POISONS to no critters be it of wing,gill or crawls on the ground. Ranger thanks him and even shakes his hand. 4 hours or so later up comes a ahole ranger and cites him because he's killing the whole world with deadly poison. HUGE court fight and over $3,000 later he won in court but took many trips,lawyer blah blah blah. NO homogeneous application of law or cross communication of pertinent information as them rangers think they're god....Logic :nutty: John

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