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Can't beat this price,sounds like a great time for one and all-

icon6.png Bubba's BIG DIG

For anyone wanting the opportunity to dig on a good claim with coarse gold on Rich Hill you won't want to miss Bubba's BIG DIG this coming weekend.

Good Gold, Easy Access and FREE.


March 21 - 23 Friday thru Sunday.


On Rich Hill and Antelope Creek just North of Stanton.


Just let Bubba know you are coming, how many people and how many days you want to dig.

How Much?

FREE (Really it's free)

Who the heck is Bubba?

Bubba is cool. Bubba is a fifth generation miner who's family has been mining the Congress/Rich Hill area since your great grandma was in diapers. Bubba has got some great claims and has decided to share one of his best with anyone who will go to the trouble of telling him they are coming.

Bubba is so cool that if you want to share in his common dig he will provide the tools and the water. Just tell him when you are coming and how many will be there and you can have a share of the common dig gold.

Bubba is so cool that if you like to prospect on your own he will let you bring your own tools and let you keep any gold you find. Just let him know when you will be there and how many people for how long.

Folks this is a rare opportunity to mine with the big boys for one three day weekend only. This area is known for big gold. If you like getting fly specks on your weekend jaunts you won't want to work Bubba's claim. Big Nuggets have been found here and even the smaller gold is coarse and crystalline.

The claim has easy road access for two wheel drive street cars. There is limited but good camping on the claim and plenty more close by. Bubba has arranged to have enough water for the common dig. You will need to bring your own water if you bring your own recirculating system.

There is a chunk of the famous Rich Hill on the claim. There is a nice stretch of Antelope Creek on the claim. There will be an evening cookout but you will need to bring your own food and beverages.

Go here for a

map to the claim and instructions on how to contact Bubba

to let him know you are coming.

I talked to Bubba today and he might consider doing this with some of his other claims in the future if this BIG DIG works out.

Be nice to Bubba. Let him know you are coming. Don't make a mess of his claim. Maybe offer to help him break down and clean up? Don't get drunk and fight his dog (you will lose). Fill your holes. Haul out your trash. It might be a good idea to introduce yourself and say "Thank you Bubba for being so cool!"

Bubba's giving away gold. Let's make this work. Come enjoy and leave with gold and great memories OK?

Yep... it's really free.

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