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After a short winter, as far as pecipitation goes (no lingering snow to deal with),

it's time again to get my sh-stuff together for another season of prospecting

on the claim. :ya:

I better get out now 'cause I'll prob run out of water by mid June instead

of Sept. :th:

Hope to have everything sorted out by Mon for settin' everything up by

next weekend. :D

There was a lot of rain this winter and the ground was surely saturated.

Since there are a lot of standing dead trees from a fire several years

back, I'll hike in Sat. or Sun to see how many trees have fallen and need

to be removed from the road. :idunno:

Gonna be workin' a new spot this year that looks a bit more promising. :idea:

There is this spot :inocent:, where the bedrock slopes to the inside of a turn with

overburden 2 to 3 ft deep. I just about bet that something has settled

to the downhill end of that slope. :brows: The bedrock appears to flaten out after

30 ft or so. Overburden there is about 4 ft.

Ya just never know,... :89:

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Shovel time SP, don't forget the back ache meds!!!

No shovel, I use a rock hammer and a "Gravel Reclaimation and Redistribution Apparatis". :inocent::shhhhh:

A rather nozzle novel concept. :brows:

Back meds? That's a given. :4chsmu1:

AND knee pads, gotta have knee pads. :old:

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I hope to have a great season but it ain't startin' out right.

The fuel pump on my ol' Ford is leakin' pretty badly. I don't

need the truck to get in yet, 'cause I just use it to bring in sh-stuff.

But for now I can park the car and hike in about 5 miles. :hiker:

I'll get the pump changed in the next week and start haulin'

in camp supplies. :ya:

I think this is my favorite time of year. Fresh spring air and fresh

Gold washed down by winter storms. :brows:

(...and I can finally get out of the freekin' house for days, not just hours. :thumbsupanim )

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What a beautiful day, shirt sleeves at 6800 ft ele. :thumbsupanim

Saw two Antelope on the way in and a Bob Cat on the way out.

Dang, I love gettin' outa the house. :yesss:

No snow! I have mixed feelings about that. :89:

Managed to drive to within a mile or so of the cabin.

The wife and I hiked in for the day.

Got the new site picked out and the sluice set up.

Looks like prob Thurs or Fri to start runnin' material. :ya:

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