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Problem adding image to post...

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HI Skip.

Got an odd message during preview when I tried to add an image to my posts regarding the 10 million in coins. Never happened before. I tried adding the image as PNG, then BMP, and then JPG all with the same error message result. See message image below. I was only able to add the error message image using PhotoBucket.

Operator error? Copyright issue? Must use Photobucket always? Interested in your thoughts.




Saginaw aka Tony

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Tony I get those now and then.....don't know why, maybe because your/me taking the image from a webb site....I usually get around it by pasting the image in a word doc and then copy that to paste here. I also use photobucket all the time.

Also I never use post preview...

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Hi Garimpo.

I was copying it from a website. Must be it's a copyright thing. I usually use Photobucket too, but it was a small photo, so I figured...

I'll try the c&p with Word, to see what happens, but I used MS Paint to paste, then copy into the post. Always worked before.

I always use preview now because lately my posts will change font size, paragraphs merge into one big one and it's not at all the way I formatted it. So I end up having to edit it after posting. Now I preview, and fix it before going with it.

Saginaw aka Tony

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I'm not sure what the issue would be, only JPEG images can be used that I'm aware of when uploading or pasting a photo.

If the issue persist, post as much info of how, image type etc., and I'll see what the IP Techs have to say.


I posted the image from the link you posted in both of the topics you posted in concerning the gold coins found, let me know if that is the image you were trying to post.

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Yep, that's it. I had cropped the left and right parts to make it smaller and just kept the middle image.

Wonder what's up with my ability to add images? I'm looking into it, but I know you would have a better idea than me.

Thanks for your time spent on this.

I'll keep fiddling with it and keep you updated on the result.

Thanks again,


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This is posted using the IMG code on Photobucket directly written on the post box. If you have a problem with cut and pasting it read the other thread on cut and paste.


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Hi Dan.

Yeah, I used PhotoBucket (PB) to include the error msg screen shot in my original post above. Until recently, I was able to insert images using cut & paste. While using PB is the forum's preferred method for large images, it is clunky and adds additional steps for adding small images. Still fiddling with this image problem and will post my findings, if I come up with any.


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