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Nugget from inside Host

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OK this one in from a mine dump and was inside the host rock and broken out with a 3 pound mall... Only part exposed was in the lower left, but notice how much of this specimen is fairly smooth right out of the host rock. Interesting and shows that some gold actually can almost look water worn right from the host rock except for the neat little tabs and small crystals that would be gone soon as a placer nugget.


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No Ron, took up too much of my time, No Don you don't eat them they are about an inch to inch and a half long and sell for about 10.00 to 60.00 each depending on species for folks to stare at in fish tanks.

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When dredging, only on one particular claim I had we used to run into fractured quartz seams in the bedrock. Usually only an inch wide and 6-8 inches long. They were always a golden surprise. Took the gad bar and a single jack to break them out, but the gold in these very jagged chunks of quartz was almost polished smooth on all surfaces. There was no way the nugget could have gotten down into the cracks, the quartz was in granite bedrock and the seam was always small and never more than 4-5 inches deep. Was always a surprise to find these seams as they almost alway had a nice payday of 1-4 dwt dense smooth slugs in them. I was told by a geologist that they may have been bacterial accumulated gold nuggets....very rare.

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