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Diamond found in park...

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What a find!

A Louisiana man has found a 2.89 carat white diamond at Arkansas' Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro.

Park officials said Tuesday that Brandon Kalenda of Maurepas, Louisiana, found the diamond on March 6 and said he plans to keep it. Kalenda named the diamond "Jax Diamond" after his infant son Jackson...MORE.

Louisiana man unearths 2.89 carat white diamond at Arkansas state park


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Folks if you get at the diamond park be ready for some hard work!!!

Been there 3 or 4 times and thought I had one once but it turned out to be something else.....

Once saw a man there that had a home built sifter about 3'x6'.....he would shovel in the material and then move the entire box back and forth to "sift" the material through the screen wire bottom of the box. Said he had been there many times before and had found diamonds before but not that time.

At the same time the "sifter" guy was doing his thing a 16 year old boy from Dallas,Tx was there with his parents, the kid was bored to tears. So he found a good shade to lay down in and was slowly digging rocks out of a bank with his fingers when he found a 6 caret pink diamond. I was a couple of hundred yards away and heard his dad whooping and yelling!!!! :wee:

A restaurant in the town has for breakfast a big thick slab of fried ham, real eggs any way you want them with homemade biscuits with real cows butter and bacon grease gravy..... :4chsmu1:

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i went twice but both times did more Child watching than digging...I am sure the professionals I watched are dead or nearly dead, but they would sift out buckets of dirt than take that home...you were allowed several 5 gal buckets back then...they really knew their stuff...

someday soon, I am going back...


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well pick me up. i'm on the way I-20 and we can split gas. And maybe we cud stop in bossier and roll a few dice too....lol But drinks are free.. :thumbsupanim

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