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Any Deus Owners?

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Yes Jim and I also answered your PM, the DEUS works quite well for nuggets though it takes a bit of practice to get yourself adept at getting the settings just right like the GB and Sensitivity VERY IMPORTANT....

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XP Deus for meteorite hunting- I discovered that to hear Gold Basin stone meteorites and Franconia area stone meteorites the Deus needs to be in the Gold Field setting, and it does not show any numbers, just dashes where the numbers should be, but the sound is very clear. I even found a Franconia area meteorite which has been classified as one of the many different ones found in the collection area.

Twink Monrad

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Not sure what you mean, but you charge it just like your cell phone, you charge the coil, the little remote box and the headset all at once with a three wire charger plugged into the wall or with the quick charge units you can have on hand to charge out in the field if you forget to charge it at home.

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