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What do you think? HI-RES photos

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I think I may have inherited a possible meteor. It is ~2x2x2 and weighs significantly more then a rock this size would. It appears to have gold-ish colored streak of metal throughout. It does not respond to a magnet of a household size. One side appears to have "crust" that can be chipped off with a finger nail. Please help me figure out what this heavy "rock" is.







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If that's a meteorite, it will be the first i've seen that looked porous...but wait for an opinion from others...don't know much about em.

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Does not look like a meteorite to me. Meteorites are not golden (you're probably seeing pyrite) and you cannot flake fusion crust off of them.

P.S. You could never have a meteor, that is the light phenomena you see in the sky.

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You might get some better idea about meteorites if you read this brochure from UCLA on this thread.


You will not know much better what you 'have' but you will know what you don't have. We call them meteorites and meteor-wrongs!


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