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Head Up and More Ammo prices

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If you can get components and know how. I LIKE the off the shelf stuff. Cop Killing .22 ya know. When is the last time you found 12 gauge in number 2's??????

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00 yes 0 nope but plenty of slugs. I much prefer a reload as then you can use different powders,loads and such and trust myself and friends with over 60 years of experience reloading. BUT when Bob likes'm hot watch out for them flameshooters :brows: -John

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Our good friends in Switzerland at the Norma factory have come out with a new line of .22LR that will be 100% for the American market. Starting this year they will be sending millions of boxes to the 22 starved hoards in America. If memory serves me right, they will be lead round nose @ 1100 fps. and called TAC-22

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