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Happy Birthday Flakmagnet

Au Seeker

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I see your still raising heqq on the forums. always like reading your posts.no reason to slow down now. scratch off another one and look forward to the next one Flak, Happy Birthday. :) AzNuggetBob

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Yep, Not to the Right for sure but You Listen to us right handers better then Most Left handers do. Thank you for that. I really don't think of you as a Token. Your a Good Human Being.

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Well Flak it looks like you have another friend on your side here. level the playing field a bit. :hide: but I have to say at times I do get caught on the fence every now and then. :D AzNuggetBob

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Your a good man David! Its just your Politics that Sucks! Ha! Ha! Yep, I'm good with that. Grubstake

At least one guy you know can call it right! Steve Winn! I totally agree with him on Obama. Grubstaske

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Steve Winn's Wynn's daughter worked for me on a film.

She was an amazing person; smart, confident and very down to earth.

Because of that, I was also around Mr. Wynn and got to hear his viewpoints on things.

I do not agree with him in the slightest.

What you read in the news is no way to form an opinion of someone like that.

You silly...

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