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first ounce!


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Hello, I had a goal to reach my first ounce by the end of 2013. Well it was a little late but I finally reached it last weekend.

I went out needing 1.4 grams to reach first ounce. Saturday I found 2.9 grams of nuggets and on Sunday I found 3.6, time to set some new goals. Have to fill a few vials now, and still haven't found a nugget out and about, all have been found after digging lots of overburden. Biggest nugget is 1.8 g. Have to break 2 g mark now. All found with White's GMT. Its amazing how small a piece of gold it can find. Most found in southern Nevada.

First pic Saturdays finds, 2nd Sundays and 3rd total.



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Holy Smokes!!! what a hual :)

WTG man.

Really nice looking gold and you reached your goal

Just dont tell me your looking for a pound this year...common..leave some for us. :)
Great going.

Tom H.

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Nice! Takes most folks years to snag that first oz detecting. Good ol'gmt! Cheers, Unc

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Thanks everyone, a couple of goals for this year.

Fill a vial with fines from drywasher

Find a nugget over 2 grams.

Find a free range nugget, not in bottom of my hole.

Find a new spot in new area I'm not familiar with. Maybe southern Arizona or Cali.

And finally get a P.I. maybe Garrett ATX

Thanks everyone for positive feedback


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Wow...wtg..great detecting..keep up the good work!!

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