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Shilling Discovery

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:old: Yahoo News (03/04/2014) - Shilling discovery could rewrite Canadian history

Victoria (Canada) (AFP) - An amateur treasure hunter with a hand-held metal detector has turned Canadian history on its head after finding a 16th century shilling buried in clay on the shores of Vancouver Island. The 435-year-old coin discovered in western-most Canada has rekindled a theory that a British explorer made a secret voyage here two centuries before it was discovered by Spanish sailors

Full Story - http://news.yahoo.com/shilling-discovery-could-rewrite-canadian-history-064412680.html

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That's a cool find!

One little prob.

The date on the coin (s), only shows that it/they couldn't have

been deposited there prior to that specific date on the coin (s).

The article said that 20th century coins were also found?

I don't see how a fisherman from the 1960's, who just lost the

coins when a branch tore his pants pocket, can be rulled out? :nono:

I think I would want more evidence before I changed history. :brows:

Did I miss something? :89:

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Much more fun too-like when they tore up the streets of Coulterville and a quanity of gold coins turned up. Or many years ago right down the 49 from ya when they did that street work in sonora and started a gold rush right in the middle of town...sooo much fun-John

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Money Lost Many Years Ago Is Revealed •by Buggy Wheel

BERKELEY, Feb. 16.— A story of. the finding' of gold coin In the streets of Coultervllle, Marlposa- County, Is told by George -H. Brown, a commercial . traveler living at 2124 Klttredge street, who has Just returned from a tour that embraced : Coulterville. While driving through the town the wheel of Brown's vehicle turned ;up -a. five-dollar piece. Examination showed that the dirt was thickly sown with gold and in a few minutes $415 had been found by citizens,, J. The coin is supposed to have: been 1 lost by a merchant when the town I burned down sixteen years -ago: He j had placed It in a leather bag that { eventually was . buried in the street. (The bag finally rotted and the wheel of [brown's buggy served to reveal the hldi ing place of the lost treasure. .'.

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