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I WON I WON!! :)


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Well, I git myself a nice little prize psckage from Australia the other day.

I limed, commented, and shared a Coiltek post on Facebook. Lo and behold, I won!

What'd I get?

An 18x12 coil, control box cover, t-shirt, hat, and stubby holder (aka beer koozie)!

Yer dang right I'm excited! :)

Can't wait to get ta swingin that bad boy around and pimp my box with a new cover. Those Aussies sure are serious about keeping a drink cold. That koozie has twice the insulation of our US models!

The shirt is one size too small, but I'll still wear it, as it will frame my gut that much more nicely :)

And now I have a Coiltek hat without sweat rings to wear to those more formal occasions.

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Congrats, Glenn .... Get out there and score the first with your new coil! ... I'd send you a map with a big X on it so you could find deep and big, but it would probably just be boring with all the nuggets you'll be finding in your own patches!!!! ... Cheers, Unc

Edited by Uncle Ron
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Dang good score!!!
Now you got a deep digging coil.

Get out your shovel.

Tom H.

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Nice !!! Congrats Glenn.... A new coil will for sure bring you some nuggets.

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:thumbsupanim no finer feeling than to win something worthwhile to hunt with. Proof is in the putting--ifn' you don't enter ya never win-John

Edited by Hoser John
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Nice score there Glen ... your luck is now about to change and the nuggets will be falling from the cliffs right into your poke! :thumbsupanim Slight exaggeration perhaps! :idunno::old:

Mike F

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