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Am I throwing something away?

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I keep finding fragments of "iron" on the hillsides in an area near me. They look like shattered bits of iron. Mostly 3/4 of an inch or smaller. They are magnetic. No machined surfaces.

I see no reason why they should be there. Have found them in about a half mile area.

I've been "chucking" them. Maybe I shouldn't???

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Without a picture we are left to scratch our heads about 'to chuck' or 'not to chuck!' Can you get a picture with a dime next to the irritating iron?

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mines and prospect holes could indicate blasting... trash of all types is everywhere; often with no apparent reason for it being where it is. The only way you will know for certain is to have a lab test it...I, personally would not waste the time or money from what you have said so far.


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