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$6 Million Diamond

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:old: MSN Money - $6 million diamond unearthed in Sierra Leone

The 153-carat gem was found in the country's eastern Kono district, and is getting a lot of attention. Reports of a major diamond discovery in western Africa over the weekend have started to make noise. Sierra Leone's National Minerals Agency, according to Agence France-Presse, says a diamond, worth around $6.2 million, was unearthed in the country's eastern Kono district. "This 153.44-carat diamond is one of the finest diamonds to be found in Sierra Leone in the last 10 years," the agency said in a statement.

Full Story - http://money.msn.com/top-stocks/post--dollar6-million-diamond-unearthed-in-sierra-leone

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A great friend of mine has his Pops pumping out their honeyhole in preperation to once again hit them gold/diamond fields there. I've turned down the invite for years as just too stinkn'old and busted up and would not be a asset on their righteous op /adventure. Another bud Grubstake cancelled his op this year there also,quite profitable one also,bummer as we all age just too darm fast.Gotta know when to hold'm and when to fold'm as better to be a asset than a liability.....CENSORED :2mo5pow: old age-John

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