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4 New Additions To Our Collection Plus Some Gold

Chris Coffee

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*** Sorry for the duplicate post in the other section. Some of my hunting buddies only follow the meteorite forum, some only the gold forum, and some follow both. This is the only way I can get to all of them...LOL ***

We returned yesterday from our 5 day trip to Gold Basin and Franconia. While we were in Gold Basin we did some hunting with DolanDave and a friend of his. Huge thanks goes out Dave for the invite and for sharing some of his knowledge with us. We only found two small pieces of gold, but we did manage to bring home four meteorites. One of the three was given to us by Dave's friend Jason as a test piece to familiarize ourselves with the sound they make on the detectors, and it really did help with our two actual finds Thanks, Jason. Here are the four meteorites that we brought home. The 8.3 Gram piece is the one Jason gave us.


My wife and I were hunting a shallow wash when I saw this big lump of brown sitting in a hole under a bush. It looked a little out of place so I swung the Eureka Gold over it and just about blew my eardrums out. Told the wife to hit it with the meteorite stick and WHAMMO....jumped right to it. It is a really cool piece to me because it has a little bit of fusion crust left on one side and the bottom part that was in the soil is nice and smooth. This was my/our very first official Gold Basin meteorite find, and it weighed in at 54.5 grams of goodness.

We didn't find anything else and it was time for Dave to go, so we sat down for a quick bite to eat, talked a bit, and said our farewells. I wont say what happened next, but let's just say that Dave has a way of making me laugh. Such a great guy and we are lucky to know him. So we finished off the day on our own and hit the GPAA claims. After about 15 minutes of hunting I get a strong hit on the Eureka in an area surrounded by drywash piles. I immediately figured it was junk because of the trash in the area, but dug it anyways. Out popped this little piece of bright yellow colored gold, that just didn't look right to me. Upon closer inspection I realized that it was a small nugget that had been turned into a pendant and had been lost. I cannot be 100% sure that it is real gold, but the weight feels right, and the hoop doesn't look to me to be something made for costume jewelry. It weighed 0.5 grams. Here it is along with the 1.2 Gram nugget that April found the day before.


All-in-all we had a great time just being away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Seems like meteorites are the way to go for us...LOL! So far we have 25 finds at Coyote Dry Lake, 45 finds at Stewart Valley Dry Lake, 2 finds at Gold Basin, and one find at Franconia. Not bad for only hunting these things for 104 days. Thanks for reading!!!

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Dang..............reeely nice metiorites and some awsome looking gold to boot. :)

Tom H.

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