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I don't see anything that looks like any letters.  If you want to trace it out and post, I know a couple dozen of the 4500 kanji.

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Yowah nut, containing a fabulous opal. Bit hard to find these now. Australia

Unusual pattern Opal FROM Virgin Valley District/Humboldt County, Nevada.credit: Joe Budd

Here's some Ethiopian fire opal on a friday.  

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Kanji are Japanese characters Chris. The OP is seeing Chinese. I see Greek writing but what it spells is too naughty to post on a public forum. :4chsmu1:

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Here are some of my opals from Ethiopia - they are raw of course; I have yet to learn about polishing these on my wheel and I would rather I would have an expert standing near by to guide me. I have been trying to find a rock club near where I live but there aren't any that I have found one yet. There is Minnesota Mineral club but that is a good 25 miles from where I live. If I found a tutor how much would it cost? 


IMG_1189 opals.jpg

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 Here are some cabbed Ethiopians. I bought them from a lapidary company some years back, I am not too sure if we are allowed to say the name of the business on here, but if we can I would love to share it. They did such a beautiful job on these! 


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