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Black Rock Desert,Virgin Valley sure produces some whoppers for sure. Opal sure is ez to ruin by heat/cold/fractures too easily for a mans jewelry. OZ samples I have stashed has a tiny bug in one like a piece a amber-John

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Welo Opal from Ethiopia, tough and stones I cut. I love this material. One giant advantage to Welo is the rough comes in nodules which allows the cutter to make high dome cabs vs OZ opa that comes in thin seams for flatter cabs





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I visit this post every day since posted. It jump starts my day and gets them ol'juices a flowing. That opal nodule is truly amazing as never seen any of that species before. Always in seams,reefs,limbs or petrified wood but nodules never. thanx much-John :4chsmu1:

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Weight: 2.1 Carats

Size in Millimeters: 16 x 8.5 x 3 mm

Body Tone: Translucent light grey

Shape: freefrom teardrop

Origin: Welo Delanta

Treatment: None. totally natural

Brightness (1 low to 5 High) : Off the scale 5/5


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