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Gold coins found

Allen in MT

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Saw this on the news tonight. $10 million worth of coins. That is insane. "rural town with rolling hills in gold country..." oh wait, thats where I live. Too bad they wont even tell what town.

another source http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/calif-couple-strike-10-million-gold-coin-bonanza-22667087

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Man, thats awsome for that couple. What a stroke of good fortune for them!
Hope California doesnt figure out a way to take it from them :(
I dont think I would have even publisized anything and just sold them off.

Tom H.

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I just read that Kagen (the auctioneer) was involved. He is-was partners with Hollowbird. Remember the Washington nugget, advertised as the largest existing Calif. nugget and then proven to have come from Australia after it was sold. The plot thickens.

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Saw on news today, due to not theirs and lost, misplaced, bottom line found but from someone unknown, due a the 'treasure trove' law they can be taxed on it and not when they sell it, but for it's value, so due in the first year. Gov't gets half. Hope they didn't leave many paper trails.

Just say'n, Shep

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