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Anyone have any word from Colorado Bob in Quartzite ???

frank c

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RON, I keep gettn a "your call cannot be completed as dialed recording" at that #.
I had his # in my old phone but cannot come up with it old phone is gone south.
I will try another alternative I have in mind.

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Well not good , that's the word I just got back from a friend on Bob.
They are checking to make sure but it seems Colorado Bob passed away on us.
He was depressed about the health issues last I spoke with him.
This gettn old stuff sucks, excuse my French but I just hate to see others leaving this world that I so enjoyed sharin their company !!!!
A shame for sure as he was one of those type people that would go out of his way for someone when they showed a genuine interest in prospecting/detecting.
He shared a honey hole with me 2 years ago as I was new in the area. Great guy wish I would have seen him again if this turns out to be the status of his whereabounts.

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No worries I was pretty upset when I got the word.
Bob was "THE GUY" that got me started in the qzite area hunting and it meant quite a lot to me to hear the word on him.
I was told theres a cross at Middle Camp claim in Honor of him.
The 1st time I saw the coyote hole he was working and heard his stories I'll never forget.

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Did he work those holes in Middle Camp and have a dog in his truck? His ladder got filled in after one of the big rains?


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Well, that's just a shame. When I saw him, he was working on a new hole, then gave me a dime tour of his past excavations. He also busted out a nice handful of nuggets too :thumbsupanim Wish I had a chance to have hunted with him. :head:

He had a great sense of humor .

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Well, that's a real bummer ... I enjoyed some good times with Bob up in the Rich Hill area beeping and bsin' ... I'm sure sorry to hear it ... Unc

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I was just in Middlecamp this weekend and across the hole where Bob once 'worked' and near where he parked his truck with his dog. There is a sign:




Yes, Bob RIP


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My wife and I met him about 3 or 4 winters ago. He said his ladder was buried in a 13' deep hole after a good rain. He said that anyone could keep the ladder if they would just dig it out. All he wanted was the hole. We talked prospecting and he started pulling out vial after vial of various size gold that he had dug up. Pretty impressive ! I also wondered where he was every time we go out to Middle Camp to do a little metal detecting. Only met and talked to him once, he seemed like one of the good guys !! John

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