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Over Ounce of gold and Meteorites Yesterday


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Met up with a few friends yesterday at Gold Basin. I was hunting a new area and hit on the first .65 gram nugget, then the .75 gram nugget about an hour later. Then around noon, I received a large hit on the 5000. It was in the middle of the wash, I was thinking it was a meteorite, bullet, or large trash, as when I dug down 18 inches, it was screeming. It was a specimen piece with some nice quartz in it. It weighed 1.4 ounces Raw, I soaked it in CLR all night, then did a Gravity Test on it, it came in at 31.01 Grams, just .09 grams shy of a Troy ounce, which is around 31.10 grams. Found 1 meteorite at 140 grams, but was searching for gold in the streams most of the time, and most of the meteorites are on top of benches.





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YES!!! Thats a awsome nugget! :)
WTG. Gives guys confidence to know they are still up there.
Tom H.

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Aloha Dave,

What can I say but HOLY MOLY! :idunno: Did you run into a bunch from the GSSN club. I was supposed to go out with one of their members but am recovering from a flu shot, which gave me the flu of course. So I will be telling him that we definitely need to go out there and hunt at some of my old haunts. Nice going with the nugget and of course the meteorite is just another bonus. WTG!

Aloha and stay well out there,

Stan aka Kaimi :old:

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