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Gold Basin Nugget

Chris Coffee

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Well, we hit gold basin today after a short but always pleasant meeting with Frank C. Within 15 minutes of being in the area we ran into a gentleman doing some drywashing in a gully. We chatted with him for about a half an hour and then he invited us to do some digging with him. We broke out our detectors and went to work. About an hour into digging I noticed April (my lady) swinging and digging in the same spot for about 10 minutes. I asked her if there was anything that I could do to help and she told me that she had a signal that kept moving on her. I offered to swing my Gold Bug 2 for her while she did the digging and scooping. After locating the target and her scooping it into the scoop she handed it to me and said " I don't know what this is, it looks rusted to me. I put it in my mouth and gave it the old spit bath and I knew exactly what it was. This is what she pulled out weighing in at 1.2 grams. Her very first nugget find ever.


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Thats a nice nug for sure.

Tom H.

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Good detecting!! Congrats!! cant wait to see more.

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Chris ... Very nice ... about time for you! LOL

Adam ... Yes indeed there is gold ... LOL! ... and some big gold to boot in Gold Basin ... I have personally seen a couple once plus nuggets removed from one section up there! :brows: ... probably why they don't call it Joshua Basin :idunno: ... although there are quite a few of those trees there too! You know I'm yankin' your chain ... I hope! :4chsmu1::old:

Mike F

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