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Franconia 2/24/14

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Due to circumstances under my control I will be making a brief 2 day trip to Franconia. I'll be there on Monday morning about dawn in the Old Trails/Franconia Road camp and stick around there until 10-11 AM when some others show up. We can go to other areas after that.

I'll be staying in Lake Havasu at the Knights Inn.

(I swear I posted this already but I can't find it.)

Leave a message if you want to meet up.


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Jon and Slim,

It was a good time to be out there with you guys and show you a new place.

I took that drive to HGS and it punctured my tire. That cost me today because it could not be fixed.

Here is a picture of the crucifix and the .8 g iron and the smaller one that were my finds for the two days.

We'll have to hunt again one day.



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Monday afternoon I showed Jon 'Iron Alley' and met Jim over there who has been killing them and has the ATX Franconia video up. That is where I got the two little irons with the 18" Nugget Finder.

The next morning Slim, Jon and I went on the south side and that cross was my first target of the morning. It was not far off the road toward HGS.

After the morning we all hunted in different areas but going back closer to the crossroads of Franconia and Old Trail. It tore up a couple of tires for me sad to say.


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Nice finds Mitchel congrats to you guys,

I always use a small coil on the north side with the 5000, as the Chondrites will sound the best with the smaller coil, usually 11" or smaller, and the larger coils, over 11" on the south side for the deeper larger items.


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Hey Jon. It was fun. We'll meet again some day.

BTW, those brass shell casings are worth $1.77 per pound. Copper bullets are worth $2.47/pound.

Slim, Yes it was fun, I'm still chuckling from the last rock I showed you. lol

Well if I recycle all the junk that I found and should have picked up those shells around the fire ring. I would have made approx $50.00

Mitchel sorry to hear about the tires. Glad you made it home.

Fred, Yup Mitchel finds beach items out in the desert. funny.

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So, I'm looking for a comp (comparable) to the crucifix that I found and I think I found one on eBay ... the same image ALMOST. Here, take a look:


Now, tell me ... is there something ODD about the image on the eBay cross?


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