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What do I need?


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I know this may sound a bit loony but since I have never done any of it before I thought I'd ask advice from you more experience people. One of these days I'm going to get out into the desert and do some digging. But before I go, I want to know what all I should accumulate so I have what I need. Any suggestions will be appreciated and taken seriously. I already have the following:

shovel, buckets,metal detector, gold pans, head gear, knee pads, boots, Levi's, sweatshirts, lot's of bottled water. Now if you folks will fill in the blanks, go for it. Also, I want to start collecting maps of the desert areas that might be of interest. If you can give me some hints on where to find them, that would also be much appreciated. I have done some searching but I don't really know how to ask google for what I need.



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Transportation, ya gotta get in and out.

A rock hammer.

Garden trowl. Small shovels come in mighty handy.




A partner. Not good to be out and about alone, ya just never know.

And most of all, don't forget Fun.

Ya gotta have Fun or yer waistin' yer time. :brows:

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..and tell him to bring his buddy. :4chsmu1:

Two "mules" are better than none. :brows:

Look into a couple of local clubs.

They are good with beginners to experianced.

You should be able to find some one with which to venture out. :D

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SUNSCREEN, FIRST AID KIT, compass, toiletpaper or baby wipes, limb loppers (depending on area) and a sharp knife. Jeez it takes a lot of stuff ;-).

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Make sure your boots are able to resist a snake bite, and now that your list of things to bring is getting bigger, you'll need a backpack to carry it all in, or maybe not if your partner has one and you can get him to carry your stuff for you :idea::brows::hiker: I second the whiskey as a medicinal treatment in whatever way it is needed :hiker::desertsmile::alcoholic::snapoutofit::2drink: .

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A heavy duty pry bar for rolling boulders over on your pard's foot ;-) ! And. might as well have a come along to smack him with the cable when it slips off the boulder. This is when you apply the whiskey!

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Hey Bill, my buddy from OKC has been putting a few miles on the snake leggings he bought from you in real snakey country. He loves them and won't leave the truck without them.

He had a little set back with his new Garmin GPS the other day. First thing I do when I get out of the truck is turn my GPS on and set it on the truck hood to give it time to lock on. I asked him if he had been practicing and he said yes. So off he goes into the miles of Eucalyptus trees that look the same no matter where you turn.

Three hours later he comes back to the pick-up looking beat. He estimated he was 2 miles from the truck and decided to come back for lunch, turned on his GPS and clicked the way-point he wanted and it said the way-point was 27 miles. What he didn't realize was the 27 miles was to my house. He figured he hadn't walked that far so he just kept beeping down a row of trees until he came to a road. Then he guessed he should go to the left, which was correct.

Said he had to sit awhile and calm down, thought he was going to have to spend one night and one day before anybody found him.

Moral of this story is calm down and get things right before jumping off to find your fortune.

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