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Minelab coil wire stabilizer

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Rumor has it that with John B's approval and the use of this gizmo Minelab will provide a lifetime warranty on all machines..

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4 hours ago, VaJohn77 said:

I know I'm digging up an old post but can someone provide me a way to get a coil wire stabilizer? Thanks , John 

Well, I for one am glad you dug it up -- because I've recently started having problems with my Infinium LS.. Three to be precise, two of which I'd call falsing and one more an annoyance than a false, none of which I can frequency-change or otherwise dial out once they start..

I don't doubt a fix like this would at the very least help, since if I grab the cable between the wraps-to-control-box and hold it against the shaft the problems will calm down but not go away.. I should be able to jury-rig something as a quick-and-dirty test.. However, since I'm not running a Minelab and all of you with the former falsing problem(s) are, I'd like to find out if the falsing is the same:.

The more bothersome of the two is the loud low-hi WOOO-WEEE that will occur anywhere within the swing arc.. Once this starts I may as well just pack up and leave, cos there's no getting rid of it.. I've tried every trick in the unwritten books -- except cable stabilization at the control box.. Was this one of your falsing problems..?

The second is the end-of-swing same-volume false tone that can normally be tweaked out.. Nuh-uh.. Can no longe rmake that go away either -- until I get to the point I can't beep a crowbar laying on the surface.. Was this (one of) the Minelab's falsing problem(s)..?

The third, which I'm not calling falsing but rather an annoyance, is chatter.. Slight tweak used to fix.. Not any longer.. I could live with that, but why..? Was never a problem, until it was.. Move over Mike C.. That edge is narrow, lol..

Can't wait to try the cable fix.. Question is though is/are the falsing description(s) the same or different..?

Thanks in advance for replies & input..


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