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Hematite/Magnatite Iron ?


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Bear with me. I'm a complete novice. My grandson happened to take a magnet outdoors and began picking up stones from the ground with it. Lots of them. Push a small magnet into the ground and a clump sticks to it. Much of the quartz rock is magnetically reactive also, with rust veins in them. I took some magnetically reactive stones to a gemologist who said they are hematite. Someone else said they are magnatite. In any case, I learned that this can be associated with gold, so I did a bit of digging and panning. I'm a bit of a rockhound and found crystals that one gemologist said is garnet. Another said it is limonite. Who knows. Anyway, I found a lot more magnetically reactive stones, and the fines in the pan attach to a magnet in a big clump. Some of the stones are quite dense, like tiny chunks of iron, and they jump onto the magnet, but they're not rusted at all. I've never panned before so don't know what's normal. This is undeveloped pasture land.

I am wondering how, if it is pays or is possible, to check the area for gold. I have access to tap water. Where to look and how to check. Thanks!

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It's very hard to answer your question without knowing the general area of the country you're in, and also knowing if there is a history of gold being found in the area.

I will say this hematite is usually only very sightly magnetic, a little more so if heated, so I think most of what your finding is magnetite, you can do a "streak test" to help determine what you're finding by rubbing the pieces on a piece of unglazed ceramics/tile, the underside of your toilet lid is a good improvised streak plate, magnetite will leave a black steak, hematite will leave a reddish brown streak.

Also IMHO one of the gemologist doesn't know his hat from a hole in the ground if he can't tell the difference between a garnet and limonite.

That all being said, in areas that has gold limonite is a good indicator of being present, but not always.

Garnet have been found in many areas where gold occurs, but you won't always find gold when finding garnets.

There's and old adage..."iron is the mother of gold" meaning that iron deposits are almost always found around gold deposits, but again not always and gold is not always found where there are iron deposits, e.g. no gold deposits in the area, iron one of the first signs of mineralization that prospectors looks for depending on the deposition of the gold in the area.

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