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Please excuse me for lurking and popping up from time to time without properly introducing myself. I am retired and spend the winter months in Surprise, AZ. About 5 years ago a friend got me interesting in metal detecting. I'll have to admit that I have not yet found my first nugget, but I am learning a lot from reading posts on this forum, and spending more time with my detectors. After some initial loss of patience with the results of my detecting I spent most of my time drywashing. I was able to satisfy my fever with the drywashing gold for a few years, but now I want to refocus on detecting and finding that first one. Shoveling and inhaling dust not so good. I belong to the RRPC so I have claims to prospect, but am going have be creative to be successful. I recently joined WSPA and hope to get to some of those claims. Also, I am going to be doing some coin and relic hunting so I can do some detecting when not in gold country. Anyway, hello to all, and good hunting.


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Belated welcome to the forum Ken, feel free to lurk if you want, but also be sure to post when you find something good, even when dry washing come and post a short story of your day, pictures of the gold is a must so those of us not able to get out or those that the skunk is following around can see what gold looks like again!!! :brows:

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