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What is wrong

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It's very, very good take on what's up and what's wrong and why!!! Thanks for sharing, Steve... Cheers, Unc

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I'd rather masticate fesces and expire. Pontifications from the cancer that has killed kalif mining are NOT NEVER NO WAY worth a single second of my time. I judge a man by his ACTIONS and not BS and hot air-John

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Great read Steve ... Thanks ... Only time will tell what direction this country will take ... the mid-term election later this year will give us all a direction of travel ... my hope is the country takes the road to recovery not more destruction.

Mike F

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I sincerely hope that the citizens of this United States will continue to wake up and realize that the elected and appointed officials are taking our rights and liberties away a little bit every day. As you mentioned Mike, the mid-term elections will more than likely determine the direction our country will take for the time being. I just hope that those that are elected to represent "the people in their districts", will do just that and NOT fall into the "personal agenda" and "power trip" type of government we are experiencing now. Dave Mack brings up some very good points that I think were made to get people thinking and talking about the current state of our government and the direction it is leading those that are just followers. Everyone is entitled to their opinions John.....so enjoy your lunch.........

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