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You are very welcome, this topic is "Pinned" to the top of this forum section so it doesn't get lost in all the other topics because this topic is sorta timeless, the info is here for all who needs it and whenever they need it, and as time goes on there will be more info added!!

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jim straight here: hey I'm in my twilight of my brief sojourner years and if'n I have any positive knowledge

that would in any small way counteract the craziness that we see all over the world today, please feel to use it. :old:

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Gosh... Thank you ShinyCy for believing any of my publications are worthy of being in this

reference section... and Rim thank you for your support as I consider you a great friend

watching my back. I hope all of you who are reading this thread also post on Bill's pinned

"Jim Straight Here" thingy... It is a really neat electronic forum and it is not about me, but

about all of you and so please throw another log on the forum as it would turn to cold

ashes if not fed by all of you... Thank You Bill Southern for your farsightness in making

this happen. jim

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On 2/20/2014 at 6:25 PM, ShinyCy said:


Basically, tertiary is a time period. Turns out that for some reason or another that a bunch of placer gold hangs out in gravels made up of rock formed during the tertiary period in North America.

The reason it has to do with that specific time frame of formation is it coincides with the laramide oregeny and all that gold rich rock was subducted, melted, and redeposited in vein structures of epithermal nature and in secondary enrichment zones in some cases via groundwater, theres also good gold in a different ore assemblage in the near pre-cambrian granites. Thats my first step before I ever touch any maps is dig up the USGS report outlining what formations the gold is known to occur in then connecting that with known geological events, it completely cuts out any guess work of where the gold is coming from, what rock type you find it in, given the age of the formation / resistance to weathering and annual climate of an area you can determine whether placering or lode will be the most efficient way to mine. I think a lot of people fail to make this connection and thats why they often are confused as to why the granites in AZ contain fantastic high grade veins and the Granite state has little but fly poop gold that which has zero to do with granite.

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Thank you all who have shared these resources!  I have spent years doing my own searching both on land and in numerous books and bulletins.

I have found my share of gold in the West but have many more prospects to understand.

This forum has kept my blood surging thru the long winters of Montana.

Again, thank you for all the posts.


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Hi,  I've been using these sites:



They are online historic newspapers.   I've done about two years of research;

and am giving away about years worth on my site:


I've even produced a list of the largest silver nuggets ever found and written about

in historic newspapers.  But my site has a page on gold and silver nuggets,

and, by state and county, coarse gold and silver, mined in the old days.  Wire

gold, leaf gold, slabs of gold, wire silver, crystalline silver, jewelry ore, picture rock,

bonanza ore, cubes of gold, wire gold and wire silver in one piece of ore...

The only thing that comes close to my research, is a NM placer government work,

and the Mining and Scientific press, but there's thousands of pages to go through,

in that database.

By far the most comprehensive lists.  I can't vouch for any particular entry,

it's the best I can do.   My blog, at Wordpress, has a lot of clippings, and might be

of interest "reports of coarse gold and silver". 

So, to recap, cheers, and I'm giving away lots of info.  Vern

Edited by vnord
My blog is at Wordpress, not wix.
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There doesn't appear to be a pdf version yet, but "Handbook for Prospectors and Operators of Small Mines" by Max Wilhelm von Bernewitz is a nice addition to any miner's library.  I inherited my 1943 copy from an uncle.  It appears to be readily available at the usual book and auction sites.  Von Bernewitz also edited another book worth owning, "Prospector's Fieldbook and Guide" by Henry Osborn.


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Here's a little something for the home boys.. I came upon this quite by accident one day a-while-n-a-half ago.. I mean, who actually opens something found during a Google search titled "report.pdf?" Welll, I do, evidentally.. My reward?:







A few pages later I find a title "plate-2.pdf.." Had to open it.. Turns out being:

USGS        BULLETIN 782    PLATE 2


(but actually taken from the survey done in 1900 - 01..)


Lossa lossa info. above -- 223 pages worth.. And you'll be happy to know additional copies may be procured from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. at 50 cents per copy..


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Here is a reference for Arizona and a bump to this thread:

The resources of Arizona :
its mineral, farming, and grazing lands, towns, and mining camps, its rivers, mountains, plains, and mesas, with a brief summary of its Indian tribes, early history, ancient ruins, climate, etc. : a manual of reliable information concerning the territory /
Comp. by Patrick Hamilton under authority of the Legislature.

Main Author: Hamilton, Patrick.
Language(s): English
Published: Prescott, Ariz. : [s.n.] ; 1881.
Subjects: Arizona.



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Sorry I didn’t see this forum before I posted about references in a different one, but I used this geology dictionary in a class and find it useful for reading materials about mining and prospecting as well:


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