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Another identification for the newbie

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Hi Guys

Im new to this game and as all newbies, have much to learn. I was recently on a trip and came across this , what I believe to be a meteorite on a friend farm.

Its about 14 inch (30 -35 cm) in diameter and 3ft ( 90cm ) in circumference, a bit larger than a soccer ball. I didnt weigh it but its very heavy and the outside texture looks like that of a Chondrite.

I would appreciate your opinion on its possible age, weight ,composition, value etc and if its is worth investing in shipping this to a scientific centre for classification.

The picture was taken early in the morning and I may have given it a burst of flash.




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On the Colorado based Prospectors show they were chiseling into some big ones and finding righteous crystal masses inside. Having a 5am brain fart as to name,gettn' old sucks-John

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Inside, yes, inside. That's what I'm curious about.

Wonder if a collage or university would x-ray it for

ya, out of their own curiosity?

I've taken fossils to UC Davis for help in ID.

They were more than happy to help, and no charge.

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Crusty, there may be a rock club near you that can cut it for you or help you cut it yourself. You'd probably have to pay a shop fee and a fee for the cut, but it would probably be much cheaper than than having a commercial shop do it.

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