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Quick diamond point trip!!

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I have been up a couple times over the winter and that area is just decimated!!!!! People diggin right up next to the trees, holes all over..... It's just awful!!! I go about a mile up into the woods to avoid all the mess and chaos..... It's going to get shut down again if people don't start paying attention.

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I found those last year Adam....... I found a new "secret" location nobody seems to have been to in years. Lots of clear ones about the size of a quarter.... I was even looking over my finds from last year, and wouldn't you know.... I have one with an amethyst hue in one if the edges!!!! It's been sitting in my rock bed all this time and I just noticed it!!!! It's one of my larger ones too, about 3X2 inches..:-)) took my momma for the first time too... She loved it, and found a larger perfectly clear one with a point on one end. The area by the road is in bad shape, people camping there and digging all over next to all the trees, like RIGHT next to the trees...... There is a guy up there that is in a white car that has been there for months.....think he is likely living out of his car, and collecting this whole season.... He found a really nice one back in the beginning of the season, perfect double pointed super clear one at least 2.5 inches long, and saw some other people who had found some amethyst tipped ones too. I really wish people would fill in all those huge ass holes though.... Someone could get burried in them they are so deep.

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