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Hot ground, Minecache


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Bedrock this is the green rock and other rock that sends my ATX screaming, not sure if these are better pic's.

Any body use minecache? I was looking around my 40 acres I live on and Exxon was in here about 20 or so years

ago and had about 30 lode claims for 3 years. My home sits on one.

Noticed that there was a placer claim about a mile down the road that was worked for if I remember 8 years

in 1980.

I'm not getting out as much as I would like, this is some rough, rocky terrain and I don't think its a good idea

to prospecting alone to far off the beaten path, any way to find out how much gold has been recovered on a claim?










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Start with this book. The bibliography will lead you to all associated records.

"Placer Gold Deposits of Arizona" by Maureen G. Johnson from Gem Guides.

ISBN 0-935182-33-0

I have some good info on the Wilcox area south to Douglass and Bisbee. From Exxon Exploration. They have been EVERYWHEREin the 1980's and 90's. It won't do you much good though....they aren't looking for gold but they often found it.

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Sharlott Hall Museum in Prescott has amazing files of historical newspapers, reports, photos, etc., etc., and some is available on line ... They have a lot of stuff about mines .. Rex's Nevada Prospectors forum has lots of good historical mining info too ... Cheers, Unc

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