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Your Best Non Nugget find?


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My favorite was found hunting an old schoolyard playground. Under a very large

set of swings, I got an awful loud hit right where one of the A-Frame feet went into

the sand. I dug through eight inches of sand, and about two inches into the underlying

clay, to unearth four beautiful Walking Liberty Half Dollars, wrapped up in tin foil.

I guess the other detectorists assumed the signal was from the steel in the ground.


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Love hearing all the stories I'm still new with my detector had it less then 6 months so far my best find has to be a full sprit can of soda at just over a foot deep lmao

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Most different...Thai- Buddist amulet found in Douglas County OR 2009 with my 3500. 1/4 mile from a hyd. pit worked by the Chinese. If my research is correct, it is several hundred years old and worth about $100. 1.5 inches tall and made from bronze, I believe. Same figure on both sides.


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One of my best non-gold finds was when I was digging in local park in Kingman az and found a Mohave County sheriffs hat badge.

My best non-gold find so far has been all my new friends from Nugget Shooter.

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Dredged up a piece of eight with a hole drilled in it and pieces of gold chain it was on. I gotta go the bank on biz so might look for it to take a pic as worn pretty bad but pirate treasure on my creek RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR :thumbsupanim My opal with a bug in it is there also so might try a 2 fer if time allows access to the box and the hunt through it---John

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Well my best find is belatedly finding this forum!.

Grubstake and I have known each other for many

years. Back when I was teaching evenings

(adult school class on "rocks & minerals") and

several members of my class were also involved

with Grubstakes classes... So he and I became

friends back then...We traded detectors..He had a

extra Garrett coin-hunter and I had an extra Tesoro

gold specific detector...

We finally met at a Federation Seeded event at

Laughlin Nevada back about 2002. There were

hundreds of participants from all over the USA

including several from Europe and elsewhere.

We were both in the main event. There were hundreds

in this event and both Grubstake and I found some

nice silver coins.. And Best Yet became great friends... tailgate


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Jim, you forget the first hunt we were in together, was in Acton, And I got tokens for 4 gold Mexican two peso coins. I was using a Tesoro Lobo St in that hunt. Grubstake

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Grubstake... Acton... Gosh ya' "I gotcha" me again... Hey you posted this at 9:23 pm. Isn't that

a little late to be up at your age? Just ask'n :old:

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That time is not my time, it was posted around 4:30 pm, we just got home from Fresno, Dorthy had a Chemical Stress test today. Its been a long day for us, I've been up since 5 am this morning. We have been going to DRS. for almost everyday this past two weeks. Grubstake

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Grubby the VA gave me one of those chemical stress test about 5 years ago.....I feel for Dorthy.....the only good thing about it was my legs didn't give out like on the tread mill.

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Gosh Grubstake Dorthy has been going through a lot...Please give her a hug from

me and as she knows she is in my prayers...

Now changing the subject before I get another one of my senior moments, please

check out post #37 on pg. 2.... Some of my adult school students were going to

Bagby where they met you... Thus it was only natural for us to learn about

each other, then to become friends from the "get-go." I also recall that several

of my students, such as the (late) Duane Wilkenson (Wilkenson's Assay in

Fontana) would also go to a place known as Oregon Creek campground.

There they would just walk around the area physically checking the stream channel

alluvial rocks for visible free gold. Duane was pretty good with this and sold them as

"speci" in his combination store and office which was an old house on Sierra in Fontana.

Take care... jim

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The first time I ever went nugget hunting I found a small 12 grain nugget with a Lobo ST. I thought I was a nugget finding machine, so I went back the next day and after 6 hours and a ton of lead I switched spots. Lets just say that one little nugget was the key to me finding my best find ever.

Thanks for looking

Ron Swenson

Ron (CA)



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Hey Grubstake... I hope you and Dorthy are doing Good. I think of you both

a lot and the great time we had at Laughlin at the AMD hunt... We both did

good at the hunt... Memories such as this are priceless. tailgate

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