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Franconia meteorite hunting video using Garrett ATX and Gold Bug 2

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I was out at the Franconia strewn field earlier this week hunting meteorites with a friend. I was using the Garrett ATX on day 1 and my friend was using his Fisher gold bug 2. I video'd most of the finds with both machines.

Had a great time hunting and recovered 32 small iron meteorites! Both machines work great for hunting meteorites. The Gold Bug 2 is noisier and responds to all types of hot rocks but it is also more sensitive and will find small irons that the Garrett ATX cannot hear. The ATX is super quiet and responds only to the largest hot rocks. It is also very sensitive, but will not find the really small irons. It is also much heavier and a bit slower to use. It is so quiet that very few false targets are dug. Both machines are great for meteorite hunting. The ATX would probably be the best choice for beginners because it is simple to use and anyone could find meteorites with this detector. The Gold Bug 2 is a bit more sensitive to the smaller meteorites and experienced hunters would probably find a few more finds with this machine. Enjoy the hunt!......

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Nice finds Jim, nice cornflake iron you found. You must have been hunting iron alley, with all those irons you found.


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Turn the gain down the GB2 and it will be quiet too! :ROFL:

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