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Online Poker?

Dakota Slim

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I don't think this subject has come up since Paleface was around. Does anyone play online poker?

I play at partypoker.com, usually 5/10 no limit holdem or 5/10 pot limit hi-lo omaha.

If I can't see who I'm playing with. I don't play. Being an internet guru, I know how easy it is to program the algos to favor the house. Besides that, there are groups of players who do nothing but set up games just waiting for new fish to join them. They'll let them win for a little bit, then they go in for the kill and wipe them out. Seen it happen many times.

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Hi AZ. I only use play money now. Back when it was legal to play for real money at Paradise Poker, I won a $10,000 seat in the main event at the 2003 WSOP. Only cost me $3 to enter a qualifying tournament and had to win that to get a seat in the next tournament. I won that and off the Vegas I went. Finished in 324th place out of 9,000 players but they only paid 280 places.

Paleface used to play at Paradise Poker back then too but they cut off all US players when the government spanked them.

I'm not sure but I think it is legal to play for real money online in some states now.

I will say that -- for play money at Party Poker -- you can keep notes on people. They have screen names just like here on the forum. Bluffers are a dime a dozen and I make notes about the idiots as well as the sandbaggers.

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The X mayor of San Diego lost over 3/4 BILLION playing online and vegas. Stripped 3 non profits,trusts and biz of every asset 'cause she said online gaming was soooo much easier.Now going to prison. Not only NO but LL NO-John :th:

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I read about her. I also read about a Chinese guy who sold the family business for about 50 million and moved to Vegas. He liked play slots and the casino's gave him all kinds of comps plus a huge line of credit. He lost his 50 million and another 10 million in a line of credit and couldn't pay it back. He is now in jail.

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Slim I play some just for fake chips at fatcat and pokerstars just to try and keep my wits up. But I like slots at bosshier,la..

I'll never forget this time. Took me 12 hours straight to win big, but I did it...lol


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