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Gift for wife

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Decided to make an unusual Valentines day gift for my wife, Judy. Had this 8.7 Gold Basin meteorite I found wrapped in white gold and added a white gold chain. She doesn't hunt for them like I do, but she's friends with several of my fellow hunters, and has heard a thousand stories about the hunting process, so I think she'll like it. Haven't given it to her yet, so I'm crossing my fingers.


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Great gift Karl! l know Judy's going to love it. She'll have something to show when she explains why you're not home. :-)

Tell her I said hi.

I'll be talking to you soon about our next outing.


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Surely will be Karl. I can't wait to hunt GB again and Franconia for the first time.

I'll be in touch to discuss dates, or contact me if you have dates in mind.


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She knows how hard you work for these and for you to dress one up for her will make her very happy.

You have taught us all that keeping the wife informed will let you hunt more often.


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Just a thought but what if a smaller meteorite that is common were 'tumbled/shaped' and all the fusion crust were removed or maybe even shaped into a pendant? It would show the chondrules. Now I want to go out and find one and make it!

Thanks Karl.

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Mitchel...I know what you're saying, but to me that would ate all the interesting "color" off of the meteorite, and I don't think the chondrules would be that interesting to look at. The fusion crust to me is the beautiful part of a meteorite. Could be wrong, but what do I know. I was actually breaking ground to do what I did.


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