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finally home


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Left home bout 13 days ago; it was dry here and warm. Guess while gone they got some much needed rain, but alas, it's warm again (I'm home).

Had a great time in Q looking for a new area and when that didn't work went over old tracks. Neither worked, but that was fine.

At LSD saw a lot of ol faces and met several new; the meal was excellent! Comraderie was better!

Went 19 days between gold, BUMMER! Last day at LSD, last hour got a little 1.8 dwt'r. Life is good!


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That's a good one, Shep ... Glad you got one from the LSD ...That's your second, right? ... I knew that map would bring you luck! ... Up in the red dirt Bill talked about? ... Glad you made it home safe ... Cheers, Ron

Edited by Uncle Ron
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Way to go Shep. We were rooting for you to get some when we passed you on the road Sunday. Right after that is when Always Dirty found his first. What a thrill that was for all of us. Had to pull out before you got back Sunday afternoon but we'll hook up again next time.

Old Tom

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I'm ok for a week or two after I get home from a prolonged vacation,then the fever hits and I start planning yet another great escape. :Just_Cuz_06: Luv being retired but never worked soooo hard.John :4chsmu1:

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WTG Shep! :)
Glad you were able to finally get one.
Look foward to meeting up again...maybe at the Q before it gets too hot?
Tom H.

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We will meet up before it gets warm again, but we gotta time it better. I really did have 2 bags of those nuts to share. I'm just a squirrel when it comes to Pistacios (sp?) Can't help it!

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Hi Shep Glad to see you made it home Ok. Congrats on the nugget ! Yes life is Good !

It was good to see you, Patrick, Jeff, Estel, Harry and M. last week at Q. Had a blast out there, that little speci that I found has about 0.2 gram of G. Sorry about the Grams. lol. I wished I could have made Bills outing but had to get back and I'm glad I did.

All the Best.


wspa 037

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Hey just catchin up with the post just got home. Glad you brought a lil Arizona Ol Yeller home from LSD.
Teri beat me up on total weight with the 2 she detected but I did end up with a total of 15 nuggets for over 3/4 oz.
Sorry you couldn't meet up on your return from LSD stayed last Monday thru last night Sunday.
19 DAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think I would have to puke bad if the ol skunkerino hit me that hard, that'd be like worse than a tremendous bout with the flu.!!!!
Might even have to consider selling all my detector gear !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hell even breakin a rib and crackin a shoulder joint WASN'T that BAD :evil1:
Hapy Huntn buddy see ya next time around and THANKS for the belated Christmas Present.

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