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I looked for you at the Q yesterday and you were not there ... so you are camped in a different spot.

Nice find.

Now that you don't have the Off Topic forum here you are going to detect with all your free time?


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Thanks guys.

I guess so boulder dash. I was out looking for bullets and them little tacks. :cry2:

Unc, I was, and still is, south of the tracks. :4chsmu1:

Mitchel, I thought you were in Tucson. :89: If I'd a known you were going to the Q I would have gone there but there's a heat wave coming :yikes: so I high-tailed it up here. I do miss the off topic section cuz there's a lot going on right now but it really got out of hand. Not namin' any names but I'm sure the moderators got tired of going :confused0089[1]: and :kap: and :112: and :th: . I don't blame them and I sure don't blame Bill.

Patrick, is that your house hangin' over the cliff out there??? Me & Nugget have been on a diet and we need cake real bad.

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If you need a political 'fix' then go to the other political forums but I looked at this one earlier http://www.politicalforum.com/forum.php They delete insulting posts there.

You know Montana? He found his very first two nuggets there at Franconia (back in the 80s) and then he went on to other places which most of you know better than I do!


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Thanks Bill & Mike.

Mitchel, I'm really not that interested in debating politics. I have my views and don't like a lot of what's happening these days but will leave it at that. :)

Yes I do know Montana. I first met him shortly after I found a 58 gram Rich Hill slug. I find it surprising that he only found 2 nuggets here. It would be nice if he was to chime in here and tell us the rest of his story. :idea:

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