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Ok so I bought the 95 version of the whites v/sat the other day. it didn't come with a manual and I can only find the later model manual online. The main thing I can't figure out is how to ground balance this thing. :idunno: I can use any advice on all of the controls but mainly the ground balance!

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There is a fine knob and a coarse knob stacked on each other. Set your threshold to a steady buzz and lower the coil. If the sound increases when you lower it turn the coarse knob CCW. If it decreases turn it CW. When you get it as close as you can do the fine adjustment until the threshold is the same when the coil is lowered.

Most of those machines ground balance the same so any GM manual will apply. Your tough job with those are to not use too much sensitivity or it will be wild and noisy. Set it at 6-8 and when you get the hang of it inch it up as you learn how to control it.

Caliche Chris has the VSAT book.I bet he would sccan you the text if you PM him.

Good luck.

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Here it is free from Kellyco:

GOLDMASTER V / SAT - Kellyco Metal Detectors


Great detector!!! Cheers, Unc

I had no trouble with the link Ron posted, but if anyone does here's the 1995 Vsat manual from White's website.


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