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Don: The book came out around a year ago. It's biographical. A good read -- especially for adrenaline junkies -- from the kind of guy who's spent a lifetime walking the walk, not just talking the talk. It goes back to Dave's Navy S.E.A.L. days and continues through the decades. Dave's quote from Jack London capsulates the book's perspective: "The function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them."

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Yes, book by the guy who pretty much single-handly destroyed dredging in Kalifornia! He was an acquaintance back in the late '70's when we all were fighting the piss firs and F&G in N. Kali, but things got out of hand there on the Klamath and the tree huggers were right there to cash in on it ! Bummer!

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You guys can be a hoot!

Don: If you have the time and the interest to give the book an openminded read, I'd like to hear your opinion -- and most likely many others on this forum would too. Personally, the book gave me a deeper insight into Dave's complex inner core. He's a guy, not a saint -- a guy who has risky appetites that include women in far off exotic places, gold in the deepest, most dangerous spaces. On the one hand he can be a consensus kind of guy and tries to work within the law. On the other hand he does not shrink from challenge or confrontation. He may not make the most popular of decisions, but he makes them. What more can be said? He's the kind of guy who can be demonized or the kind of guy whose life story -- for some -- makes for enjoyable reading. Hope you enjoy the book.

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