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Great Nevada Meteor of 1894

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I was reading my Nevada Historical Society calendar today and in one of the February windows it stated that the Great Nevada Meteor of 1894 hit the Earth near Candelaria and Bellevile in Esmeralda County.

Anyone ever hear of this?

or hunt for it?


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Hi Spa in Nevada,

Yes I have heard of it, and hunted for it for a couple days. Many believe it was the meteorite found at Quinn Canyon in 1908. But others say no it wasn't, as the Quinn Canyon was a much older fall. I actually got the exact location for the Quinn Canyon meteorite, and hunted for more of it with no luck, but did find a meteorite on the dry lake nearby, Last Stand Dry Lake. I did find some very large old horse shoes, as I read they used large horses and a heavy duty wagon to remove this heavy iron. There is a guy on the internet who also did a hunt for it, and even investigated it, with old newspapers of eyewitnesses. He stated it landed far East of Candelaria, and that territory is so large and open in would be like finding a needle in a thousand haystacks. If you hunt for it, keep us posted how you did.

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Hey Dave, thanks for sharing about your hunt. I don't have any plans to hunt for this,….. as of now anyway.

I had just never heard of it before and wondered if others had. Seemed like a pretty spectacular occurrence back in the day.

Do you know where the Quinn Canyon meteor is today? Museum somewhere?

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I believe its at the Fleischmann Planetarium at the University of Nevada, Reno. Must have been spectacular to see, probably like a Chelyabinsk explosion. Its lying out there somewhere, waiting for someone someday, Im sure the person that finds the main mass, probably could retire.


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